Zengler and Associates is a Veteran/female co-owned Multi-line Adjusting Firm that wants to help you manage your Insured’s claims. Our staff members are all licensed Multi-line Adjusters and our owner, Richard Zengler, has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Mr. Zengler has worked as an Independent Adjuster for some of the largest Insurance Carriers in the state such as Universal Property & Casualty Insurance and Citizen’s Insurance. He is well known in the industry not only as an Adjuster but as an Appraiser, Umpire, and CAT manager as well. Richard uses his experience to mentor the junior staff, teaching and training the next generation of Claims Adjusters. To better meet the growing needs across the state, we have bilingual adjusters on staff fluent in Spanish and Creole.


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We at Zengler and Associates understand losses can happen at any time and we would like the opportunity to help right what has been made wrong.

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Team Members

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Rick Zengler

Mr. Zengler is a dynamic insurance professional bringing over 15 years of field experience with an emphasis on residential and commercial claims processing. Additionally, he has 12 years of experience in mediation and appraisals, with 7 years of experience as a claims umpire. He brings these years of leadership to his role as President of Zengler and Associates, working with his professional team of adjusters to provide superior service for our carriers and their clients.



Executive Vice President

Trudy Zengler

Mrs. Zengler has held many leadership roles in the insurance industry focusing on the operational side of the business. She oversees the day to day operations for Zengler and Associates. She brings years of insurance and operational experience to her current role. Trudy oversees customer relations, scheduling and corporate communications.